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Author Topic: Bird Nests Are Protected... Unless You Intend To Destroy Them  (Read 95 times)

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This is an FYI for everyone with an idea.

Some background:  I grew up in the city and had a dozen ways from Sunday to make money as I grew up.  Baby sitting and window washer aren't my thing so I mowed lawns, etc. - typical teenage boy stuff.  Living deep in the forest presents it own income challenges to Parker.  What is he going to do to make some scratch during the summer?  So we have been kicking around all kinds of ideas.

To this end I say to him, "A while back I seen a bird nest for sale.  Why don't you look into selling bird nests?  Right now it is really easy to see last year's abandoned bird nests, before the spring leaves come out.  Bird nests are everyplace - it'll be like picking money off the trees!"

So we look into this.  What do you think we found?  Yup.  The price of a "Real" bird nest starts out at about $12 and will go all the way up to about $40 - especially if it has "Real" eggs in the nest!  That just ain't right in my book.  I'm only talking about picking down the abandoned nests left over from last year.  Then we come up with this:

It is in violation of Federal law to "Take", hold, sell, or purchase any "Real" bird nest!  In very rare circumstances the Fish & Wildlife department(s) might issue a permit to "Take/Hold" a "Real" bird nest but never to "Sell/buy" a real nest. 

So how is there an open market online for "Real" bird nests?  Simple.  Not enough enforcement when there are much bigger fish to fry.  Basically, 99% of the "Real" bird nests for sale are 'last year's abandoned nests' which will not get reused so there is little to no harm in taking the nest, selling it and/or buying it.  When such activity is reported the typical 'official' response is report the sale to the 'host' (eBay, Etsy, etc.) who will remove the listing.

So there is it FYI
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Re: Bird Nests Are Protected... Unless You Intend To Destroy Them
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 08:33:06 AM »

In my many visits to antique stores, which often have craft-like knick-knack-junk-shops included, yes, I have seen bird nests as part of some craft creation.   But I can probably count them on one hand.   Maybe there are seen more in the more "craft" type of knick-knack-junk-shops. 

Still, I wouldn't think the total amount of nests in circulation would rationalize the effort of creating even one sentence on the books saying "Don't do that".
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