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Author Topic: Perhaps Maybe Possibly: Steyr AUG in .300 BLK  (Read 90 times)

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Perhaps Maybe Possibly: Steyr AUG in .300 BLK
« on: March 17, 2017, 04:33:25 AM »

Steyr posted a teaser picture on their Facebook page.  It shows a box of 300 BLK ammo on a bench with a couple of loose rounds artistically scattered around.  Over on the left, partially visible, an AUG is lying on its side.
They don't make a .300 BLK AUG.   Yet. 

I've made it plain I like the AUG, but I'm not sold on the 300 BLK at all.  It sure seems like a fad we will all mock ten years from now.  I try to think what it does that other cartridges do not, but don't come up with much.   What I do come up with is rather specialized reasons. 
1) It keeps the energy up better than 5.56 in short barrels.   Real short, like 10" or less.
2) It works well in its originally intended use: suppressor use.
3) It allows a larger bore option to those who MUST stay with a 5.56-based rifle.

Reason Number 3 fits the AUG.    And in turn, maybe me. 
As my back deteriorates, bullpups with there research balance become more likeable all the time.  They may become a necessity.  There are some.30 caliber bullpups out there, but not many.   The ones that exist are either unproven or sketchy. 

The .300 BLK in the AUG may just be my best bet for a .30 cal bullpup.
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